Find pay stubs, address changes and more: 5 time-saving things you can do in your ADP portal.

You’re about to get some time back in your day. While digging through popular call topics fielded by our MyLife Advisors, we discovered many of the questions you call in with can be resolved with a few quick clicks.

From address changes to tax form questions, we’ll save you a call or two by telling you how to take care of most things yourself.

Before we start … do you know your password?

We can’t remember half of ours, so no judgment. You can log in by clicking Forgot User ID/Password on My TotalSource. Fill in your info, then click Don’t Know My Password.

You’ll get a code via email or text. Enter it within 10 minutes and click Sign in Now to get into your account without creating a new password.

Change your address

Moved or moving? Update the location of your home by heading to Myself > My Information > Personal Profile.

Find a recent pay stub

We’ll take you there in three clicks: Myself > Pay > Pay / W2 Statements.

Update your tax withholdings 

Since this (and more) has been covered in a previous article, we encourage you to check it out.

View and print your timecard

You may know when you punch in and out, but how about to the minute? And for the past month? If you ever need this info, or want to stay on top of your time, find it by clicking Myself > Time & Attendance > Timecard.

Submit requests for paid time off

If you’re taking a paid day or two off from work, the fastest way to get it in the system for your manager to approve is by clicking Myself > Time & Attendance > Timecard > My Time Off Requests > New Time Off Request. You can also see if previous requests were approved.  

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