Self-Service Answers to Common Benefits Questions

We understand not everything can be done online, and, sometimes, having someone on the phone addressing your concerns is the comfort you want.

That’s why our MyLife Advisor (MLA) team is here: to make your day easier. Thing is, some of the most common calls they receive, which run the gamut of password help to questions about payroll, can be conveniently resolved on your own time.

If you’ve experienced or are experiencing any of these scenarios, take a moment and read through this information.

Need a hand along the way? Give us a call. We’re here to get you back on track—and are also available in Español and other languages to better assist you.

Forgot your password?

Happens to the best of us. Let’s get you logged back in. 

  • For My TotalSource, visit the site and click Forgot User ID/password.
  • Enter your info, then click Next to receive a validation code (via email or text). Once you enter that code (valid for 10 minutes) and click Sign in, you’ll be prompted to create a new password.
  • You’ll then be taken back to the log in page to enter your new password to access your account. Be sure to use Chrome for these steps and refresh your browser if you experience any issues.

Pro tip: Passwords must be 8 characters minimum and must include one upper case letter, one number and one special character.

Waiting for your insurance card?

For most providers, it’s not uncommon for some time to pass between new members signing up and mailing a copy to your address on file. Some providers prefer that you call and request a copy of your card to be mailed, rather than having one automatically generated.

The insurance card process is different for each benefits provider. Good news is you and your dependents are covered as of your enrollment date, and we have a few ways to get your information sooner:

  • Reach out to your carrier directly. After confirming your personal information, they can share your member ID for booking appointments, picking up medicine and more.
  • Check your app store. Chances are your insurance provider likely has a mobile app for members to access their insurance card on the go.

Experienced a qualifying life event?

Recently tied the knot (marriage), expanded your fam (birth, adoption) or went separate ways (divorce)? You’re invited to update your benefits between Open Enrollments. 

To report a qualifying life event:

  • Log in to MyTotalSource. From Myself, click Benefits, then Life Events.
  • Select the Event which applies to you and the Event Date, or when you experience this change).
  • Next, download and complete the Change in Status form, including adding your dependents (if applicable).
  • Finally, when finished, upload your completed form, including supporting documents, verify your contact information and click Submit. An MLA will review your request and notify you via contact information with updates, additional questions and, finally, confirming your change has been successfully processed.

Bonus: If you’re changing your last name, give HitchSwitch a try. Their simplified process eliminates the hassle and time associated with locating and completing necessary name-change forms. Visit to learn more and use our discount code ADP10 for the hook up.

Need help filling out Form W-4?

Tax forms aren’t necessarily fun, but they are necessary. This one is important for new hires to indicate personal exemptions. Current employees interested in possibly adjusting paycheck withholdings can do that using Form W-4 as well.

While we’d love to help make sense of this form, we recommend reaching out to your HR administrator with questions, or reviewing FAQs like this from the IRS, and this one from us.

Got questions about payroll deductions or 401(k) contributions?

If you’ve ever wanted to get a handle on your paycheck, there’s an app for that. Available for Android and iPhone, ADP® Mobile allows you to conveniently access payroll info along with time and attendance and other vital HR information.

Don’t have this app on your phone? You don’t know what you’re missing. Click here to read more about it and how to register.

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