Frequently Asked Questions About Health Tax Forms

What is a Form 1095-C?

The Form 1095-C is a tax form sent to full-time employees of an Applicable Large Employer (ALE) to indicate whether the ALE offered and/or provided group health coverage. It will provide you with information that you may need to complete your personal income tax filing.

Why did I get a Form 1095-C?

You received a Form 1095-C because your employer is considered an “Applicable Large Employer” (ALE) under the Affordable Care Act. Therefore, your employer is subject to certain requirements, including an annual requirement to file certain information with the IRS regarding the benefits it offers to its full-time employees.

I received a Form 1095-C but the information is incorrect.

Please contact a MyLife Advisor as soon as possible at (800) 554-1802.

Why does the Form 1095-C include my employer information, and my Form W-2 has ADP TotalSource listed as the employer? Shouldn’t these forms be consistent?

Due to the unique nature of the co-employment relationship between ADP TotalSource and your employer, the employer information included on the Form 1095-C and the Form W-2 is different. The Form 1095-C must contain specific employer information in the Employer section of the form. However, because ADP TotalSource is the “employer of record” for tax withholding and reporting purposes, ADP TotalSource is listed in the Employer section of the Form W-2.

Can I get a new form that has ADP TotalSource listed as the employer so that the forms are consistent?

No. Your specific employer should be listed as the Employer on the Form 1095-C. Since there is no error we are not able to issue a different form.

I lost my Form 1095-C. Can I get a new one?

Log in to ADP TotalSource and select Myself > Annual Statements > 1095-C column to reprint a copy.

I did not get my Form 1095-C. What should I do?

If your employer is not an ALE, or you were not a full-time employee at any point during 2022, you will not be issued a Form 1095-C.

If you believe that you should have been issued a Form 1095-C, it will be accessible on ADP TotalSource. Simply log in and select Myself > Annual Statements > 1095-C column.  Otherwise, if you do not see a Form 1095-C in this section, you may have not needed to have one issued to you.

I am on COBRA. Will I get a Form 1095-C from you?

If you worked on a full-time basis for an ALE at any point during 2022 prior to beginning your COBRA coverage, you will be issued a Form 1095-C. If you did not work on a full-time basis at any point during 2022, you will not receive a Form 1095-C.

What is Form 1095-B?

Form 1095-B is an annual form issued by a health insurance carrier that shows on a monthly basis the coverage you and your dependents had during the previous calendar year.

What is the difference between the Form 1095-B and Form 1095-C?

The Form 1095-C is issued to you by your employer and provides information about the coverage offered to you by your employer. A Form 1095-B is issued by the insurance carrier and provides details about the health insurance coverage you elected, including who in your family was covered.

Why did I receive more than one Form 1095-B?

If you were covered by more than one insurance carrier during 2022, you will receive a Form 1095-B from each carrier. This can include health insurance carriers that provided coverage through the ADP TotalSource Health and Welfare Plan, or other carriers.

What if I have a question about Form 1095-B?

If you have questions about Form 1095-B, or the information reported on your form, call the insurance carrier’s contact number listed on the form (Part III – Line 18) or call the number on the back or your insurance card.

What should I do next?

You should keep any Form 1095-B and Form 1095-C you receive with other forms and documents you utilize to complete your personal income tax return, such as your Form W-2. You should also provide a copy of any Form 1095-B you receive to any dependent(s) covered under the policy who may be filing a separate tax return, as the insurance carrier is only required to furnish one Form 1095-B to you.

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