Prepare for the new Plan Year

ADP TotalSource® benefits plans begin on June 1, 2020.

To help guide you through the process, we have included details below on what to expect next and additional benefits you can use.

Medical ID cards

If you don’t receive new medical insurance ID cards by June 1, don’t worry … Many carriers don’t send new ID cards at the beginning of the Plan Year. New cards are typically provided when there are plan changes or at the member’s request.

If you need a new card, you can request one online or via the carrier’s mobile app. Most carriers also provide a digital ID card that can be used when seeking treatment.

LifeMart & Life Care benefits

You may be working from home or experiencing school closures right now. LifeMart is dedicated to making this time at home easier, with discounts on:

• Online training and educational resources
• Download and streaming services for entertainment, education and fitness
• Home office equipment and accessories
• Health and wellness products and services
• Tutoring services
• Costco and Sam’s Club memberships
• Food and home delivery

LifeCare specialists are also available 24/7 to provide tools and support that will help you manage stress and prioritize self-care. You can also contact LifeCare at 1-866-574-7256 for three free, confidential counseling sessions. (Just mention ADP TotalSource to ensure you get the appropriate benefits!)

To find out more about these benefits, visit LifeMart and click on the COVID-19 resource link in the menu. This page is regularly updated with resources to serve your needs and help you face these new challenges.

MyLife Advisors

We are here to help you with your new benefits Plan Year. Please feel free to reach out to your MyLife Advisors at 1-800-554-1802 or with any questions.

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