Fitness Quiz: What Type of Exercise Is the Best Fit for Your Personality?

Have you ever bailed on a gym membership halfway through the year? Or are you so overwhelmed by all the fitness classes available that you just don’t know where to begin? The problem could be that you just haven’t found the right workout to fit your personality.

Sticking to a regular workout routine can be tough if it seems daunting or just flat-out boring. If you want to meet your fitness and weight-loss goals, having fun and feeling comfortable are vital.

Ask these questions and keep track of your answers as you go to find what type of exercise will keep you happy and healthy.

  1. On the weekends, your favorite thing to do is:

A.) Curl up with a good book.

B.) Check out a new museum exhibit.

C.) Hang out with your friends.

D.) Go on a hike.

E.) Cheer on your kids at their soccer game.

  1. When you go out to dinner, you like to:

A.) Head to your favorite restaurant and order your go-to dish.

B.) Order something you’ve never tried before.

C.) Pick several items to share.

D.) Make sure they have organic options on the menu.

E.) Pick a place where you know the service is fast.

  1. You feel most motivated when you:

A.) Have a consistent routine you can stick to.

B.) Take on a new challenge.

C.) Have a team rallying around you.

D.) Have a meaningful long-term goal to strive toward.

E.) Are under a deadline.

  1. If something is stressing you out, you:

A.) Take a relaxing bath before bed.

B.) Try out a new meditation app.

C.) Call your best friend to talk it out.

D.) Spend some time working in your garden.

E.) Try to forget about it and move on.

  1. If you won the lottery, you would:

A.) Buy a house on a secluded beach.

B.) Quit your job and start a band.

C.) Buy new cars for all of your friends.

D.) Travel the world.

E.) Hire a full-time maid.

The Truth Will Now Be Revealed

If you answered mostly …

A’s: You’ll do best with a fitness routine you can do solo. Make an awesome workout playlist and hit the treadmill or go for a bike ride. A structured but low-key group setting, like a yoga class, will also work for you.

B’s: You don’t shy away from adventure or trying new things. You’ll feel most engaged by something exciting and different, like a dance class, indoor rock climbing, or yoga on a stand-up paddle board.

C’s: You enjoy being social and will thrive in a group setting. Try an indoor cycling class, or, if that’s too intense, look for a water-cycling class that’s lower-impact. Team sports are another great option: Look for a local recreation league you can join.

D’s: You are very in touch with nature and enjoy fresh air and sunshine, so don’t box yourself into a gym. Instead, hit the great outdoors for something that gets you fit and lifts your spirits, like hiking, mountain biking, kayaking or surfing.

E’s: You’re balancing a lot between work and family, so you need to be able to fit a quick workout in whenever you have a free moment. An at-home fitness program that you can complete in half an hour or less will ensure you get your exercise in without stressing.

Now that you know what exercise fits your style, try it out! As you begin a new fitness routine, remember that every day you get out there and exercise is something to be proud of.

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