The Best Summer Jobs for Adults

Summer jobs aren’t just for teenagers. They can be a great way for adults to make some extra cash during this expensive time of year. Whether you’re a teacher on summer vacation, nearing retirement or just someone who wants to make some extra income, here are the best summer jobs for adults.

Teacher or Tutor

Just because school is out doesn’t mean that students stop learning. During the summer, many kids attend classes, take private lessons or start college prep courses. If you’re a teacher or are skilled in a subject area, you might teach summer classes or offer private tutoring to make some extra money. If you’re looking for a more adventurous way to spend the summer, try applying to work as an ESL teacher abroad.

Golf Club Staff

During the summer, golf clubs need plenty of staff to manage tee times, work in the clubhouse and help supervise the grounds. These jobs often come with perks, like use of the facilities at a discount. This way, you can hit the links without spending a small fortune.

Tour Guide

Are you an expert in the history of your local area? When tourists visit famous landmarks, trails or historic sites, those locations need skilled guides to lead tours, and your expertise could come in handy. You’ll get to earn some money while sharing your love of your hometown. You’ll also get plenty of fresh air and exercise — a great combo!

Teach Your Hobby

Do you have any special skills, like yoga, surfing or tennis? People love to learn new hobbies, so consider offering private lessons or teaching at a summer camp. This way, you can earn cash while teaching something you love. Although it may take time to land your first few students, word-of-mouth can spread, allowing you to build yourself a healthy side business.

Restaurant Positions

For many restaurants, summer is the busiest time of year. People have extra time off and are looking to enjoy themselves by eating out more. To keep up with the rush, restaurants need additional seasonal staff like servers, hosts, bartenders and bouncers. These opportunities will be more common around popular vacation spots, but can likely be found anywhere. Whether you’re looking to enjoy the summer in a fun location or planning to stay close to home, chances are you can find a part-time restaurant job to help pay the bills.

Other Part-Time Jobs

If the jobs on this list don’t match your experience or interests, there are still plenty of other summer jobs out there. Pools need lifeguards, construction/landscaping companies need extra sets of hands, and seasonal businesses need cashiers, salespeople and other part-time staff. These jobs are all great ways for adults to earn extra cash during the summer.

Use this list of summer jobs for adults to figure out how you can build your bank account and enjoy yourself this summer. Start planning today to lock down your dream summer job.

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