CheapTube: TV Subscriptions Allow You to Cut Cable Without Sacrificing Your Favorite Shows

If you’re like the average American, your cable bill is over$100 per month. That adds up to over $1,200 per year. You may be able to save a good chunk of that money by switching to TV subscriptions.

“Cutting the cord” and ditching your cable company can be a real money-saver for your household — but you or other members of your family may resist the easy savings at first. After all, cable is a simple, familiar source of entertainment that many people use to unwind and relax after a long, stressful day.

Thankfully, there’s no need to sacrifice your favorite shows. You can cut cable, save money and get the programming you want thanks to TV subscriptions. Here’s how.

Use Streaming Services

Streaming services use internet connections to allow you to watch exactly what you want on TV, even without cable. Some stream live sporting events while others offer the latest episodes of your favorite TV shows.

For example, Sling TV allows subscribers to stream a collection of popular cable channels such as ESPN, HGTV, TNT and more at the low price of $20 per month. You pay month-to-month and can cancel at any time. Services like Hulu Plus, which will run you $7.99 per month, allow you to catch up on the latest network and non-premium cable shows. Hulu Plus offers up-to-date programming from FOX, NBC, ABC, the CW and older content from cable channels such as Comedy Central and FX.

Netflix ($8.99 per month) and Amazon Prime ($99 per year) allow you to watch a variety of programs, from current and off-the-air network TV shows to a huge selection of movies. Both services include original programming that you can’t get with cable.

And if you’re not a network TV fan, cutting cable doesn’t mean losing your premium programs. HBO Now ($15 per month) is another streaming service that allows you access to your favorite HBO shows, like “Game of Thrones.”

Don’t forget completely free options like your favorite YouTube channels, too!

Connect With Smart Devices

Transitioning from cable may require hardware for your streaming services. There are a variety of devices that allow for high-quality streaming along with other functionalities.

The Roku Streaming Stick ($50) streams shows in 720p and 1080p quality and works with DTS Digital Surround sound. The stick requires a good Wi-Fi signal and an HDMI connection on your TV, but provides access to over 350,000 movies and TV episodes.

Or try the Google Chromecast Ultra ($69), which allows you the option to connect via Wi-Fi or Ethernet cable. Standard services on the Chromecast include Netflix, Pandora, and HBO Now.

You can also look into the Amazon Fire TV ($90). The device supports 4k streaming video, and its remote control works with Amazon’s Alexa voice assistant. Fire TV supports Netflix and Amazon Prime Video. It also allows you to add more than 90 premium and specialty channels like HBO and Showtime without a cable subscription.

Create Your Own Entertainment Package

You don’t need cable to enjoy the shows you love. By choosing the TV subscriptions and adding a device to stream to your TV, you could save anywhere from $50 to over $100 per month.

Cutting cable is extremely easy. All you need is the internet — and the desire to save a little more money every month.

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