Post-Enrollment Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

What can I do if I received my benefits confirmation statement with the incorrect benefits/incorrect dependents/missing dependents listed?

An employee has two (2) weeks from the date of the Confirmation Statement to report any discrepancies they find. Your MyLife Advisor will take note of the correct informationand a request will be sent out to have this researched.

Why have I not received my new insurance card?

If you remain enrolled with the same carrier, on June 1st you can generally continue to use your existing ID card. Carriers usually issue ID cards when someone is newly enrolled, or if at renewal certain information that appears on ID cards change, such as copayments, group or member number, carrier customer service number, or a carrier changes the format of the ID cards.

In the event that your carrier or plan information is different on June 1st and you have not received a new ID card, here are some steps you can take:

  1. Log on to your carrier website. If it’s your first time logging on to the carrier’s website, you will need register.
  2. Check your enrollment on the carrier website, and look for the ability to print a temporary ID card. Although not every carrier offers this option on their website, most of them do. The carrier website should also provide you with an option to contact customer service. Customer Service can verify your address, let you know when an ID card was mailed, or place the order for you.
  3. If you do not have your carriers’ website address or customer service number, you can review the carrier’s Summary of Benefits and Coverage (SBC) provided in your Open Enrollment materials and on MyTotalSource. The SBC provides your carrier’s website and customer service number in addition to other plan-specific information.
  4. If changes were made to your plan, and you are expected to receive a new ID card, please allow until the week of June 1st.

Why is the insurance company telling me my insurance will terminate on May 31?

Our Plan Year runs from June 1 – May 31, and therefore that is the reason the carrier shows an end date. If you re-enrolled in benefits for Open Enrollment your new plan will be effective on June 1st. The information takes 7-10 days to reflect in the carrier’s system.

Why didn’t my Flexible Savings Account (FSA) elections roll over?

FSA elections do not rollover from previous plan years. You must have made a new FSA plan year election during Open Enrollment in order to make contributions in the new Plan Year.

I reached my deductible in April, now that I re-enrolled will I have to meet my deductible again? Deductibles are based on the calendar year, January – December. Therefore you will not have to meet your deductible again. If you are staying with the same carrier your deductible carryover should be automatic.

How do I determine my plan network so I can locate a participating provider?

If you register on the carrier’s site with your member information you will automatically be registered under your plan network and this will make finding a participating provider easier. Additionally, plan network information can be found in the Benefits Summary section of MyTotalSource. Your MyLife Advisor can also assist with locating the plan network and locating a participating provider.

Why are the benefits deduction(s) in my paycheck higher than what I usually pay? 

Benefits’ premiums may change from one Plan Year to another. The plan that was renewed or elected during Open Enrollment may have increased in costs which led to higher deductions from your paycheck.

I just opened my mail and realized my enrollment window for Open Enrollment passed, can I enroll now? 

Enrollments can only be made during the annual Open Enrollment window. If you did not have any changes in your elections, your benefits from the previous plan or those closest to your previous benefits (if plans changed) are rolled over.

FSAs do not roll over.

You are not able to enroll in or change benefits again until the next Open Enrollment period, unless you have an IRS-qualified life event (such as marriage, divorce, birth of a child or loss of other coverage).

Why is the pharmacy telling me my prescribed drug is not covered when I try to fill the Rx? 

  • Possible Scenario: Some drugs are covered only after one or more prerequisites, clinically appropriate and cost-effective alternative drugs are tried first – unless your doctor obtains a medical exception.
  • Possible Scenario: There was a change to the formulary list. You can log into the carrier’s website to determine Rx changes or refer to their Certificate of Coverage.

Why did I have to pay more money for my prescription when I went to the pharmacy? 

  • Possible Scenario: Your plan changed at Open Enrollment – your Rx benefits now have a deductible that must be met before Rx can be covered. Most Rx deductibles are $50-$100.

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