Glamping: Roughing It Without the Rough Stuff

Do you love the idea of getting in touch with nature, but not the thought of sleeping on the ground? Welcome to the wonderful world of glamping — all the fun of camping without all the things that make you want to run back home to your own bed.

So, What Is Glamping?

The word itself is a portmanteau of “glamour” and “camping.” Basically, it means luxury camping. Whether you’re a complete newbie when it comes to camping or you’re just not into the idea of leaving behind all your creature comforts, it might be right for you.

This version of sleeping in the woods allows you to get outdoors while staying in comfort. Traditional tents are replaced with ones you can actually stand up in and don’t have to pitch yourself. Beds take the place of sleeping bags, and electricity powers real lights instead of flashlights. From fully equipped bathrooms to well-stocked kitchens and even air conditioning, there are tons of amenity options available that make your escape to nature that much easier.

How to Un-rough It

Before you look for a spot to glamp, you’ll need to decide just how simple or elaborate you want your experience to be. You can rent or buy a ready-to-go structure, or you can DIY it with a deluxe tent.

If you want a structure, there are a variety of accommodations to meet every budget. Here are a few of the options available:

  • Cabins and Lodges: Even with four walls, a roof and all the amenities of a hotel, you can still get plenty of adventure and stay in remote locations.
  • Yurts: These circular, tent-like structures are so comfortable and spacious that some people use them as full-time homes.
  • Tepees: Somewhere between a tent and a yurt, the design of these structures offers plenty of space for beds and protection from weather, keeping you cool in heat and warm in the cold.
  • Tree Houses: No, these aren’t the cobbled-together backyard hangouts of your youth; these are stunning works of architecture with amazing views.
  • Travel Trailers: With a trailer like the classic Airstream, you can camp just about anywhere with all the basic comforts.

How to DIY Glamp

You don’t have to spend a ton to book that dream remote island tree house. A few simple tweaks to your existing camping gear can go a long way toward a luxurious getaway that won’t break your budget. Start by upgrading your sleeping space with a double air mattress or cot to lift you off the ground. Pack sheets and pillows from home. Pack a mat to cover the floor and a small broom to sweep the dust out and keep things tidy inside. Accent your space with extra throw pillows and soft blankets to make it cozy and inviting.

While you’re at it, rethink your lighting options. Instead of relying on flashlights, bring along some battery-operated lanterns to light the space hands-free. You can also try solar-powered stake lights, like the kind used in gardens, to illuminate the area outside your tent.

Luxurious food is also essential. Just because you’re camping doesn’t mean you have to survive on dry trail mix. Invest in colorful picnic utensils, a serious camping stove and a big cooler to cook like you’re at home.

Glamping isn’t just about sleeping in style — it has benefits beyond pillows and sheets. Fresh air might help you sleep better, but rocks under your head won’t. Getting a good night’s sleep in comfort leaves you refreshed and ready to take on that nature hike, boating excursion or whatever adventure you have planned. A little comfort means you can spend more time enjoying nature without getting burned out.

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