10 Things to Do With the Family Before Summer Ends

Looking for something fun to do with your family this summer? The season doesn’t end until late September, so there’s still lots of time to explore the outdoors, have fun with your loved ones, and enjoy the long, lazy days!

Take advantage of these 10 summer activities for good times, sunshine, and plenty of adventure.

1. Go Stargazing

There’s a lot to see in the summer night sky. According to National Geographic, in late August you’ll be able to see Mars and Saturn in the same area of the sky, along with Antares, the brightest star in the Scorpius constellation. At the end of August, you can catch both Venus and Jupiter when the two luminous planets have a cosmic close encounter.

Stargazing will also give you the chance to take a deep breath, unplug, and have some great conversations with your family or friends.

2. Hit the Lake (or River, or Creek, or Ocean…)

Don’t limit yourself to the neighborhood or community pool! Before summer is over, take the family to the nearest natural body of water. Go for a swim, or consider renting kayaks, canoes, or stand-up paddleboards. Swimming and water sports aren’t just fun—they’re also a great way for the whole family to get some exercise!

Or, if you’re in the mood for a lazy day out, just bring some snacks and floats and relax for the day. Don’t have access to a natural body of water? Be adventurous and hit up a water park instead. (Your inner-child will thank you.)

3. Go Camping or “Glamping”

Camping is one of the greatest things to do when you want to get close to nature and bond with your family. Without modern distractions like TVs, video games, or smartphones, you can really unplug and be present with your loved ones.

If camping isn’t your thing, a day hike might fulfill your desire for outdoor exploration (and help burn off those summer barbecue calories.) You could spend a weekend at a cabin or a yurt in your local state park. Yurts come complete with sturdy roofs and floors, and many include basic amenities such as beds and tables. It’s a great way to go “glamping” (glamorous camping) that allows you to experience the great outdoors without sacrificing modern comforts! If you’re not so sure about sleeping in a tent—this might be your best bet.

4. Host a Cookout

A beautiful summer afternoon is even more enjoyable when you’re experiencing it with your friends and neighbors. Why not bust out the grill and host a cookout? Invite your favorite people and ask them to bring a tasty side dish or dessert. You can supply the burgers and hot dogs, and your guests can contribute their best dishes to create a delicious spread everyone will enjoy!

You can also set up a kiddy pool in your backyard so that the kids have somewhere to play and cool off. And as a bonus, the adults can dip their feet in when the sun gets a little too hot to handle!

5. Take in a Game …

Nothing says summer like a day at the ballpark. Grab your peanuts and Cracker Jacks, and check out some local teams with your family—from the pros to the minor leagues! Or, if you’re more of a football fan, pack up your cooler and go tailgating at your favorite preseason or college football game. Don’t forget to bring an ice-packed cooler and some delicious snacks!

6. … Or Play Your Own!

There are countless outdoor games your family can play, from Frisbee, to whiffle ball, to a full-fledged game of kickball. You and your family can join a recreational league, or you can keep things close to home by setting up some lawn games in your own backyard. A few family favorites include cornhole, ladder ball, and horseshoes.

7. Savor Alfresco Dining with a Seasonal Drink

If you’ve got kids, we know you’re crazy about them—even when they drive you crazy. But that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t take some time to treat yourself without the kids before the summer’s over! Make a reservation at your favorite restaurant with outdoor seating and enjoy a refreshing, summery drink.

8. Take a Last-Minute Vacation

There’s still time to plan a getaway — or enjoy a second one — this season. You may even be able to score some last-minute deals on flights and hotels! Feel like you can’t take the time off or treat yourself to a trip? Research shows that using your vacation time makes you happier, more successful, and even more likely to get a promotion at work, according to the Harvard Business Review.

9. Enjoy Free Family Activities

Many communities host free family events during the summer, from fairs and festivals to outdoor concerts. Look up what’s going on in your local area and plan to attend an event or two before fall arrives!

You can also keep the fun at home by hosting a backyard movie night or a slumber party under the stars. Or just keep it simple: pack a picnic and head over to your local park. Remember to take plenty of water and something comfy to sit on so you can fully enjoy a few hours outside.

10. Make the Most of Your Money

Not everything is free, but that doesn’t mean you need to pay full price. Log in to My TotalSource® to access ADP’s Discounts, powered by Lifemart®—where you can take advantage of deals on summer activities, movies, travel, and more for the whole family. You’ll save money and make room in your budget for more summer fun before the season ends!

Time always flies when you keep busy and stay active, but there’s still some summer left to enjoy. Take advantage of the sunshine and try out one of these ideas this week!

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